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We provide equal and inclusive support to people living with disability.

What we do

A Great Place to Receieve Comprehensive Care and Support.

At Radix Health Services, we offer care services with you in mind. We do not discrimate against color, gender or race. We treat everyone with utmost respect towards a better quality of life.

Who We Are

Our operations are driven by a team of experienced professionals with varying experience level in NDIS and the health industry. We offer comprehensive services for people living with disabilities in order for them to live their life to the fullest.

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Our Misison

To empower people living with disabilities and those with long-term health conditions take control of their own lives and seek out equal opportunities in order to achieve their full human potentials, capabilities and expectations while living within a dynamic but supportive community with vast choices.

Our Vision

To promote a fair and inclusive community where everyone irrespective of their disabilities or challenges are provided equal opportunity to thrive and achieve their goals and objectives.

Our Core Values




Friendly community where those utilizing our service, volunteers and all critical stakeholders are supported collaboratively


We will always promote equal opportunities and actively seek to work in collaboration with all stakeholders


We will not judge but act fairly towards all. The support and feedback received will be independent and based on people’s specific


We will always go the extra mile in our care, consideration, and support of others in achieving their goals and aspirations.


We will treat customer’s information and the stories they share with us with respect and confidentiality


We will recognise and celebrate people’s efforts, contributions, and successes

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