Support Coordination

When seeking assistance with determining goals and expectations for accessing need-based support, individuals may face a range of challenges that can make it difficult to get started. Some of these challenges may include:

  • Limited knowledge of the NDIS system: Many people with disabilities or those with significant support needs may not have a clear understanding of how the NDIS system works or may find the process of accessing support to be complex and overwhelming.

  • Lack of support network: Some individuals may not have a strong support network in place to help them navigate the NDIS system, identify their needs and goals, and develop a support plan.

  • Communication barriers: Individuals with communication impairments or limited English proficiency may find it difficult to express their needs and preferences and may require additional support to communicate effectively.

  • Complex needs: Individuals with complex needs may require a range of services and supports across multiple areas of their life, which can make it difficult to develop a cohesive support plan.

To overcome these challenges, Support Coordination can be a valuable resource. By collating vital information about the person's background and history.

Support Coordinators can develop a comprehensive understanding of their needs and goals, and work with them to identify appropriate services and supports.

Support Coordinators can also provide information, guidance, and support throughout the planning and implementation stages, which can help to simplify the process and reduce the burden on the individual. By working with a Support Coordinator, individuals can feel more confident in accessing and navigating the NDIS system and can receive the support they need to achieve their goals and enhance their overall wellbeing.

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